Participants should aim to create an app, website, or product that aids people during this pandemic. Their project should address a meaningful contemporary problem that is relevant and specifically applicable to isolated living. Participants are not limited to this theme, however, projects based more around this theme will be awarded more points.


Both individuals and teams can participate. Minimum age is 12 years old and the maximum age is 18. Teams consist of 2-4 members. Participants who are apart of a team are not allowed to submit an individual project and are limited to only submitting with their team. All participants must also be living in the Township of Stouffville. 


Contestants are required to record a short video presentation of their project as well as a brief description of what their project does and its use. Videos can be shared through YouTube, Vimeo or Youku. Participants are also encouraged to attach a link to their code when submitting.


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Luke Blommesteyn

Luke Blommesteyn
Stouffville Codeathon

Judging Criteria

  • Theme
    Up to 5 points will be granted for use of optional theme.
  • Creativity/Uniqueness
    Up to 10 points will be granted to the creative and unique aspects of the project.
  • Code
    Up to 10 points will be granted to the quality and volume of coding concepts.
  • Graphics/Interactivity
    Up to 15 points will be granted for the user experience and graphics.
  • Explanation
    Up to 10 points will be granted depending on the quality of explanation and video submission.

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